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Don’t know why this caught my eye but it reminded me of George W Bush who was a cheerleader at Yale, and of course the pictures are great.

Lawrence Herkimer, Grandfather of Modern Cheerleading, Dies at 89
Lawrence R. Herkimer, who elevated cheerleading into an aspirational goal for generations of youths and a highly successful business for himself, organizing camps for would-be cheerleaders and selling the clothing and gear they would need, died on Wednesday in Dallas. He was 89.

The cause was heart failure, his grandson Michael Dewberry said.

Mr. Herkimer was often called the grandfather of modern cheerleading and Mr. Cheerleader. Not only did his enterprises achieve sales of $50 million a year, he also patented the pompoms that have become a staple of cheerleading and invented a leap known as the “Herkie jump” that is widely used by squads across the country.

Mr. Herkimer had been a scholarship student and head cheerleader at Southern Methodist University in Dallas when, after graduating in 1948, he borrowed $600 from a friend of his father-in-law’s to begin what would amount to an American cheerleading industry, setting up shop in his garage.

His first cheerleading camp attracted 52 girls and one boy; in his second year, enrollment climbed to 350.

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