He strikes back but his weak and meaningless attack reminds me of the few mosquitos we have here in beautiful Dutchess County. We just swat them down. I had to bowderize (you could look it up) his email sent to a loyal reader of mine. I think the k in almanac(k) was meant as a subtle germanic insult, maybe about my two Hamburg chickens who I will admit stay to themselves and march around the coop.

“Yes, I am the Montauk Fisherman, many of whose contributions to the Millbrook Times farmer’s almanack were rejected as not being “appropriate” for the many manure shovelers on his readership list. So if you want to get an occasional glimpse of sophisticated commentary on life in New York City, Montauk, St. Barths, and the United States of America, and maybe even a chuckle here and there, tune in. I promise, no chickens.

In the Millbrook Times world, anybody who doesn’t spend time focusing on roosters chickens, or who does not live in the shadow of the Clinton Correctional Institution, is suspect, and to boot, if one can read and write (“lawyers” are a prime example), he or she is high up on the Edtior’s list of potential threats. When you fold in the Editor’s not-quite-but-almost-psychotic jealousy of the high quality and international reach of my blog readership, it becomes clear that he means to demean me.”
marty london and fish

I think the one on the left is the Fisherman but have never confirmed it