Silo Ridge is a proposed new development in Amenia on Route 22. The condo/Homes are supposed to sell for very high prices and the developer has suggested than professional athletes and the very rich will scarf them up like Dunkin Donuts old fashioned doughnuts.

Of course anyone who has lived around here for years knows that big planned developments and their execution are two different things. And of course this is Amenia, not Palm Beach. But one of our readers sent the below. Stay tuned and get ready for when the New York Giants appear at the local hardware store.

“The Donald sued a farmer in Aberdeen Scotland for his home being unsightly in a spot that would be visible from the Donald’s as yet unbuilt golf course. A Silo Ridge lot owner is doing the same to Amenia Fish & Game!

The Donald wants to build a wall on the Mexican border. Apparently, so Silo Ridge wants one too!

Paragraph 3. below is from a planner’s report on a findings statement from Silo Ridge

3. The Finding Statement mentions the impact of neighbors on the project, but fails to mention the impact of the project on the neighbors. Specifically, the adjoining Amenia Fish and Game Club is being threatened by a nuisance action by the owner of a dwelling yet to be built while the impact on the club from the proposed development is not mentioned. The SEQRA process, and the Findings Statement should provide the impacts to and the mitigation for the development’s impact on this existing membership club. The Findings presents mitigation as the construction of an 8 foot high wall. The wall and its impact has not been analyzed.”