Sunday night was mostly clear, cool and a perfect evening to see the Red Moon lunar eclipse. The next one is in 2033 so I wasn’t taking any chances. It started about 9:30, totality was about 10:30 and it was awesome. I couldn’t photograph it well as I didn’t have a good camera with a zoom lens, so the picture below was taken by a local professional.

There is a feeling which is difficult to describe but a major celestial occurance makes you realize you are a tiny part of an enormous universe. It is a magnificent feeling.

I had a great friend, a physicist who died much too young who lived and taught in Idaho. He had two great pleasures. One was hiking though the Saw Tooth range in the summer by himself. He would go off for 6 weeks and rarely met another person. When he did he just nodded and kept walking. His other passion was traveling to far off places to see total eclipses of the sun. He understood!

red moon