I mentioned recently to Arthur, a man from Poughkeepsie that I was an appleknocker from Clove Valley. He sent me the below email. I long to find the music, but here are his email and the words:

“By way of background, I recall as a child, that whenever we drove past the Dutchess County sign on the way home from somewhere, my father would break out in song.
I cannot verify that it’s a Civil War marching ditty, but it could well be. I believe there’s at least one more verse, but not as interesting.
In the last line, the word “drink” may be substituted for the word “make”.
Here goes:

O, we’re from Dutchess County and we’d like to have you know,
That Dutchess County is the place where luscious apples grow;

They call us apple knockers and they needn’t take it baaaack,
For apple knockers are the boys that make the applejack.”

While trying to find the song on the internet I found the following definition… perfect:

ap·ple knock·er
plural noun: apple knockers
a person who picks or sells apples.
a baseball player, specifically a batter.
an ignorant or unsophisticated person.