When I was walking down to Best Buy I stopped to talk with an interesting man who had old paperback books for sale from the 50s and 60s, Earle Stanley Gardner, Agatha Christie, John MacDonald, Louis Lamour. They were collectors items in plastic bags that were selling for $10 each. His name is Kurt Brokaw from Iowa (yes he says he is distantly related). He said he had 25,000 of them!

When we renovated the basement in Clove Valley we put in a little bookcase so I could properly store my father’s collection of paperbacks. He often would read one a night and they are all still there. If anybody wants an Edward S. Aarons, Assignment series, just let me know.
I do occasionally pick one up and read it, they are great, 150 pages more or less and two hours of great escape.
Here is some interesting information on Aarons

Aarons was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and earned a degree in Literature and History from Columbia University.[1] He worked at various jobs to put himself through college, including jobs as a newspaper reporter and fisherman. In 1933, he won a short story contest as a student. In World War II he was in the United States Coast Guard, joining after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He finished his duty in 1945, having obtained the rank of Chief Petty Officer.
Assignment series
Fictional CIA agent Sam Durell is the protagonist for all of the stories in this series. Though the publisher listed these as the “Assignment series”, it is just as well known as the “Sam Durell series”. In later editions, the publisher also used “Sam Durell” in the blurb immediately after the front cover – For example, Assignment Ceylon has “This is number thirty-six of the famed Sam Durell novels—one of the bestselling suspense series in the history of publishing.” One consistent element is that all of the story titles started with the word “Assignment.”

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