There is a small island with a reef and several islets called Palmyra Atoll. It is one of the most remote places in the world. One of the islets is owned or administered by the Nature Conservancy, the rest is administered by the United States government. Palmyra Atoll is located almost due south of the Hawaiian Islands, roughly one-third of the way between Hawaii and American Samoa. The nearest continent is almost 3350 miles to the northeast.

The issue of the governing of Palmyra is generally a moot point, since there is no permanent population remaining there, nor any reason to think that there will be in the future. Palmyra is the only unorganized incorporated territory of the United States.

If you think it is an remote island paradise consider that Palmyra Atoll’s location in the Pacific Ocean, where the southern and northern currents meet, means that its beaches are littered with trash and debris. Plastic mooring buoys and plastic bottles are plentiful on the beaches of Palmyra.

All of the above is the result of my interest in ham radio. A team of operators went to Palmyra to set up a remote station and give hams worldwide a chance to add a country to their list of operating accomplishments. I think there are about 360 countries which are considered independant and far enough separated from nearby locations to qualify.

Now if I haven’t lost the reader’s atention stay tuned as there is another expedition to the South Sandwich Islands near Antartica going on right now.

Below is a picture of Palmyra Atoll.