There is a Dunkin Donuts down at the end of Clove Valley Road at Route 55 which I frequent. It seems to be the busiest place in Dutchess County, particularly at the beginning of the day when people line up their cars at the takeout window. I prefer parking and waiting inside, which I did one day last week. I ordered the usual and while I generally say “I don’t need the receipt” the young guy said “you know you can get a free donut.”
I took the receipt which you will see below which requires you to get on a website to get a validation code. What they don’t tell you is that you have to answer a questionaire that takes about ten minutes and you can’t cheat. You have to answer all the questions, e.g. No I don’t order the dark roast.
Well it worked- I had to fill out the form within three days and present it at the store for the free donut (oh you have to order a medium coffee also and you cant ask for the doughnut- spelled correctly) but it was well worth it. As usual I took three or four extra Sweet and Lows as a free bonus.dunkin donuts receipt