Both of these products seem to appear on radio stations which attract older male audiences, Sean Hannity, as an example or Fox TV. Super Beta Prostate says it is free, you only pay for shipping and handling. here is some information to make my male readers pause:

“Research demonstrates that Super Beta Prostate is an unsafe and ineffective product invented by a convicted felon”

Another endorsement:
“Be carefull ordering Super Beta Prostrate. I ordered the free trial bottle and no where did I see that I was signing up for continuous re-orders if I did not cancel in two days. I have not even taken half the trial bottle and they have already charged my card the full price for another bottle. So far I have not noticed any improvement from my urinary problems”

Now careful readers of this blog will recall a post about My Pillow which arrives about 2 inches high and has to be soaked like a sponge to become normal size. The web is filled with complaints but I rather like this one:

‘I can’t get to the remote fast enough to mute this “my pillow” commercial.Can’t stand M.

L.s irritating, shyster voice, hawking his overpriced cheesy pillow. He stands there, hugging this chopped styrofoam piece of ***, like it was some kind of gift from God. He invented the styrofoam pillow???…..Right!, like I invented the “paper bag”!!!! Sorry Mike, the styrofoam pillow was invented long before you were even born!

He claims, it’s adjustable. OK Mike……please show me the adjustment mechanism!! You also claim your pillow is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation…..sorry Mike, I also checked with the National Sleep Foundation. They say that it is not their policy to indorse any specific product.”

I am trying to figure out whether I can invent one product for both men and women that will allow you to sleep well, pee properly and enjoy a healthy long life. Your money back if disatisfied once I invent it. Of course you will have to pay for shipping and handling. I thinking about $80 for handling.