There was an article today about chickens in of all places the Wall Street Journal. It seems that there is a growing market for chickens that take longer to get to their final weight.

Whole Foods Market Inc. doesn’t want its chickens to grow up too fast.
The natural and organic foods retailer said it will replace the industry-standard chickens bred to rapidly pack on pounds with slower-growing varieties that Whole Foods believes will enjoy better lives and yield better-tasting meat.

I grow chickens that lay eggs but if you are a meat farmer you can get day old chicks that get to full weight,
5.3-pound chicken in 35 days using 8 pounds of feed, compared with 30 years ago, when it took 7 pounds of feed to raise a 3-pound bird over the same span of time.

A few years ago I decided to buy some meat hens just to see how they grew. At the same time I bought Rhode Island Red laying hens. After a month the meat hens were enormous with huge breasts and barely able to waddle around. The laying hens had another 2-3 months before they were full sized, four months before they even started laying eggs.

I think Whole Foods probably has the right idea. There is something wrong about growing those fatties in so little time.

Well I will conclude with a picture of the great Polish rooster, Elvis before he went on to a hopefully better place. He lived for three years and was a terror!elvis