truck in desert

The below were the comments on a truck for sale on the internet. I made it my screensaver.

This Model A Pickup has been sitting for around 40 years under a corrugated metal shed roof on a remote 10 acre ranch in the Arizona desert near Florence Arizona. I purchased the ranch, which had several old cars and trucks on it 5 years ago. The vehicles were included in the sale of the land. The man I bought the ranch and vehicles from, stated the Model A Pickup had belonged to his Grandfather who had lived in Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1940’s and 50’s. The man stated he had always wanted to restore it, but just never found the time. He said it was never registered in Arizona, and the Oklahoma TITLE WAS LOST LONG AGO. He hauled it to Arizona from Oklahoma on a flatbed trailer in around 1976, parked it, and it sat there for 40 years. The former owner is now deceased. REPEAT: There is NO TITLE for this vehicle. (The auction system requires something be entered in the title field and NONE is not an option). It should not be a problem to get a new title issued in the state where this finally ends up. The actual mileage is unknown, as the speedometer is missing, although the instrument cluster housing and ignition switch and keys are present.