spur tiny house 1About ten years ago I found myself in Dickens County Texas, about two hours drive East of Lubbock Home of Buddy Holley. There is a ranch there which has 350,000 acres called the Four Sixes. Legend has it that it was won in a card game when the winner held four sixes. The owners of the ranch deny this.

The Four Sixes as well as the Pitchfork Ranch nearby, comprising 170,000 acres are spread over Dickens and King Counties. I visited Dickens Texas and even bought a T shirt there “Where in the Dickens is Dickens.” a keeper.
I had forgotten about my trip until I saw an article in the paper about Spur Texas, which I had never heard of before. It is only 11 miles from Dickens and proclaims itself to be the capital of small houses.In an effort to bring attention to the town, the town fathers and mothers (total population 1000) decided to encourage the construction of small houses or rather tiny houses.

With the proliferation of McMansions I think the idea is a very good one. However like all good ideas it has gotten a little out of hand.

To quote the town fathers: “Spur’s regulations are friendly to tiny houses, so long as they have an adequate foundation and proper plumbing and electrical wiring installed.[8] House plans must be approved. flush toilets are required as well as a wood or metal frame. In general, experimental strawbale houses, yurts, or underground houses are not permitted.”
Well it seems that the newcomers are building yurts and underground houses.

Here are the two most famous people who came from Spur:

Charles Weldon Cannon, a well-known maker of boots and saddles, lived in Spur from 1949–1964, when he relocated to Dickens. After 1970, he devoted his energies exclusively to saddles.
Aaron Latham, a Spur native, wrote the script of the 1980 film Urban Cowboy. In the story line, the protagonist, Bud Davis (played by John Travolta), is said to have been from Spur.

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Here is an interesting history of another pioneer family that settled in Spur