The Democratic Convention winds up tonight in Philadelphia. When #2 son was in school down in Philly I used to go there regularly. We would always stop at Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks for the very best of its kind. I know Geno’s is across the street but it doesn’t compare. There has never been a good Philly cheesesteak available anywhere else outside of South Philadelphia.

There are those who say that John Kerry lost the election in 2004 when he went to Pat’s and asked for Gruyere cheese on his steak. At Pat’s there were no questions to ask. If you don’t know how to order e.g. “one with” you are immediately passed over to the next customer. The only cheese ever used came from a big heated vat of Cheese Whiz and it was slathered on the cheesesteak with a paint brush or sometimes a wooden paddle.

I finally found the right video below to teach you the basic rudiments of the one and only, Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks