Scooter the cat who is small but very affectionate and smart usually goes out each night and is there at the door each morning to come in eat and rest up.
Last Thursday he didnt appear at the door, and hasnt been seen since. The neighbors have a cat Lily who used to be over here at the farm but adopted them some time ago. The great Blackstone is still happily living down at Rosie Andrews farm where I visited him last week. He is the one on the left below. The one on the right is Scooter the evening he disappeared.
We are hopeful that Scooter has wandered and will show up but in this area there are a lot of coyotes, bobcats and other critters that would do Scooter great harm.
Scooter is not related to Scooter Libby, if any of my readers remembers him.
blackstone w mousescooter the cat

Now here is a song made famous by Lee Moore, the Coffee Drinking Nighthawk on WWVA in Wheeling WV. The Cat Came back, hopefully true in Scooter’s case.