For the last 35 years, maybe more I have been keeping bees and harvesting the honey in September. I did it last week and have decided I wont do it again. I’ll keep the bees but wont go through the messy, tiring, frustrating, exhausting process of extacting.

The bee boxes filled with honey and wax weigh about 40 pounds each, maybe more and of course the bees are not happy about having the honey taken away from them. This means a few stings while I get the boxes in the truck and bring it to the garage where I scrape the wax off the frames, put the frames in the extractor, spin the frames in the extractor, put the honey in 5 gallon plastic containers while I strain the wax that is left through a sieve. Finally I bottle the honey in one pound jars, put the labels on and try to wash the sticky mess off me and my clothes, oh and the door knob of the garage.

So if I get someone to extract next year good, if not the bees will keep the honey and I will get my fruit trees pollinated.




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