The local congressional district is producing a contest between a Republican, John Faso and a newcomer to politics Zephyr Teachout, a Democrat. I will not take any position in this race but the mailbox down at the end of Mack road has become overloaded with flyers.

To read them you would think that John Faso is crooked as a dog’s hind leg and Zephyr Teachout will spend us into the poorhouse.

In addition to the insults the pictures make each opponent look like something between Godzilla and Frankenstein.

Here are a few of the beauties.John Faso is called albany’s crown prince of corruption by his opponent. He is accused of having had a steak dinner and plane flights paid by lobbyists. One of the ads shows a picture of the steak and I must say it looks delicious. He is also accused of being opposed to reducing corruption.

On the other side Zephyr Teachout is accused of being a carpetbagger as she recently moved into the district from gasp…NYC,  where she was a law professor at Fordham. She is accused of avoiding paying state and city sales tax on a car she bought.

i counted up the flyers and there are now over 10 and that doesnt include the phone calls. The funny thing is they both look like pretty good candidates. And of course compared to the presidential race this particular election looks like chump change, but i will be voting!

Here is how they look:


Can’t we all just get along?



One thought on “Faso Versus Teachout

  1. Ms. Teachout had a great run at Cuomo in the Dem primary Sept. 2014. This is a woman who was barely known in Manhattan, let alone in New York State, embarassing one of the most powerful politicians in recent NYS history:

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York claimed the Democratic nomination for a second term on Tuesday, but at a considerable price: A liberal challenger with little money or name recognition, Zephyr Teachout, was on track to receive about a third of the vote, a signal of the potent dissatisfaction with Mr. Cuomo in his party’s left (NYT)


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