A friend posted the below on Facebook:

“Rest In Peace, Leon Russell. The multi, multi talented musician, from writing Joe Cocker’s hit Delta Lady, to country, gospel, his own Oklahoma country style, the powerful Carney album, collaborations with Willie Nelson, Elton John and so many others. And of course another whole body of work under the name, Hank Wilson.
Got to see him live about 10 years ago with my pal and Russell fan, Peter Krulewitch.”

The last time I saw Leon Russell in person was about 3 years ago up in Red Hook NY. They had set up a big tent in the center of town. He came out as usual all dressed in white with long flowing white hair and beard. He brought down the house.

I’ve posted two of his great songs. The second video is a classic bluegrass song Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, which he performs in hard driving rock and roll style.

We’re not likely to hear another like him. Just ask Elton John who warmed up the crowd in Las Vegas 30 years ago for Leon Russell!



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