I have gotten a lot of emails from friends and acquaintances both before and after the election. Regardless of how you voted a great strength of our country is based on the First Amendment to the Constitution and the freedom of the press. I am happy to admit that the press both Left and Right is blemished by a lack of professionalism and driven by ratings and revenues.

When Walter Cronkite was asked to run for Senate in New York State neither Republicans nor Democrats knew what his political leanings were. They both asked and he turned them down because he was a journalist.

Social media has worsened the problem as seen in the post below. This post is driven by an email I received yesterday. Without attribution here is a paragraph from the email filled with unfounded and unproven venom.

“By contrast, it is estimated that there were around 3m votes cast by illegal aliens this election, presumably all for Hillary, without which Trump dominates the popular vote as well as the electoral College in our Republic.”

I can’t begin to verify such a claim and I dont think it has appeared in the mainstream media.

But flawed or not the media can be criticized but must never be punished other than by viewers who choose not to watch, read or listen. Try being a journalist in Russia and see what happens!



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