The chickens stopped laying about a month ago, what you might call cold turkey. In spite of discussing what the alternative was for them they stood their ground and stopped producing. So I got on the internet and tried “what do you do when chickens stop laying.” The best result was that the chickens were on strike because of the cold weather and the fading sun. Put a strong light on in the coop during day light hours and wait patiently. Last week an egg appeared and now two a day.

So now I once again got on the internet as I found these old cast iron pans in the basement. They had been my mother’s and were stored for more years than anyone can remember. They were rusty and dirty. It turns out that cast iron pans are making a big comeback, just clean them with steel wool (I use non steel abrasives), dont use soap, rinse them well and rub oil, I used canola on the pan and presto!



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