Number # 1 son and I were cleaning up a property in Millbrook yesterday that was filled with 75 years of junk. I thought it wouldn’t be too much work but it filled a 30 yard dumpster and that was after the former owner put a sign out that said EVERYTHING HERE IS FREE FOR THE TAKING.

The only thing I saved other than some tools and few other things I didn’t need was the below ticket. It was in an old falling down garage on the wet floor but I quickly saw its historic value.


It was an amazing theater, the product of an optimist who thought that a very large movie theater would grow with the town and be the main attraction. It was for a while and then of course time passed and the last time I went was probably about 1990 when the theater was virtually empty in the winter and the owner, deciding to economize, had limited the heat to a level which allowed you to see your breath.

Soon thereafter it closed, became a series of small stores, Chinese restaurant, beauty parlor among a few others and now you would never know that there is a huge hidden ceiling  which can still hear the echos of Jimmy Cagney singing and dancing in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Here is  a website called Cinema Treasures. The old Dover Plains Theater is featured. Imagine it had 750 seats, now that builder was an optimist!


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