Well the only thing that his ever put the Town of Union Vale on the map, other than Dick Cheney holing up in our town after 9/11, is the annual light festival at the home of Timothy Gay and his family on Bloomer Road, just over Clove Mountain. This year he continues to hold the world record for Christmas lights at 521,000 and counting.

The Fire Department controls the crowds and donates contributions to local charities. I’ve actually driven by the house in the summer. It is on about two acres and in a neighborhood with other houses close by. For all but three weeks each winter you wouldn’t even know about it. I imagine the  neighbors survive somehow.

Here is a video from last year but by all accounts it is bigger and better this year.


Other than that news, the former mayor over in Millbrook was arrested last week but haven’t gotten details yet so it will have to wait for a future post.

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