I, like everyone else in this country, his been watching the President Elect, the decisions he is making and waiting to see what kind of president he is likely to be. Winston Churchill said the greatness in a politician is defined by courage and whether when faced with a serious problem or decision, he or she can, make the courageous choice.

Harry Truman was faced with exactly that decision when Douglas MacArthur in spite of being the most popular military man perhaps in history, defied Truman’s orders. The commander in chief made the hard decision and fired him. At the time it was incredibly unpopular, MacArthur went to meet the joint session of Congress and spoke his famous Old Soldiers Never Die speech. But history proved Truman not only right but far more popular than Maccarthur.

Today we are faced with a man who will be President of the United States in three weeks, who only fired his employees on a television show. Let us hope that he will not be the candidate or the entertainer he has been to date. Time will tell.

Read the link below:


truman fires maccarthur


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