We have had a possum getting in the barn every night and eating the cat food.  The two barns cats are wiley and I know they are there because the food is gone each night. I found out also that they have gotten into the apartment above the barn which is unoccupied for now through a small hole near the water line entrance to the apartment. Well the possum was trapped yesterday and has gone on to a better place, the hole has been patched and so far so good.

All of which is to tell you that somehow I came across an article by David Farenholdt of the Washington Post. He is the writer who has been digging up information on the President Elect. Well 7 years ago he was covering other stories and the one below is a lulu.

It is rather long but read it and you will find out about a beauty contest where the contestants had to skin muskrats and other critters. A warning, some of the scenes are graphic!

strange beauty contest

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