I get too many emails a day from companies advertising stuff I don’t want or need. I had a friend in Texas many years ago who was a super salesman and said you should take  “NO!” as a request for more information.

Sometime when you try to unsubscribe it has no affect. I received the below from a company this morning, quite creative and have told them never again, #4. How could they miss me when they don’t even know me?

How often do you want to hear from us?
1) All the time! Send me everything, please.  

2)2-3 times a week. Just enough to stay in the know.  
3)Take a 90-day break. It’s just like hitting the snooze button.  
4)Unsubscribe. Come back any time. We miss you already!  

Late this afternoon after unsubscribing I received the below:

Surprise! Because You’re on Our List, Enjoy a Gift – Up to 50% Off

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