This post is likely a lot more than you want to know but read on if you are an animal lover.

Towards the end of January, a small cat, as it turned out a kitten got stuck in the barn wall and somehow survived for over two weeks without food. I finally caught the cat and put her back in the barn thinking she would start eating and run with the other barn cat, but I was wrong. She could hardly move was nothing but skin and bones. That night late, the cat somehow crawled down to the house and was crying on the porch. It looked like she wouldn’t make it through the night. By morning she was taken to the vet who said she was unlikely to make it but gave her an IV and some fluids and some this and some that. PS three days later and a king’s ransom and Gerlinda Grey was in recovery.

She is now a house cat and while she only got dry food before her emprisonment she has now taken to the below and is clearly becoming a picky eater. The food is GMO, MSG and Carrageenan free. I had to look up the latter, Carregeenan isCGN_Before-After-02-01  a food ingredient that has a whole host of uses; it can be used as a vegan alternative to gelatin in setting desserts, it retains moisture in various kinds of cooked meats, and it suspends the chocolate in chocolate milk preventing it from separating. It even helps foods stay delicious and desirable for longer, reducing food wastage.

But yes there are those who say in spite of the FDA that it is poisonous, dangerous and should be avoided like the plague.

So Gerlinda eats Weruva Truluxe, and we have found it a wonderful spread for guests on thin wafer crackers. Here is the recipe for just one of their fine canned cat foods.

On The Cat Wok – With Chicken & Beef in Pumpkin Soup
Available in 3.0oz and 6.0oz

Your cat will be struttin its full belly after dining on this feast of boneless, skinless, white breast meat chicken that is mixed with grass fed, shredded Australian beef. Made with class and sass, our chicken is cage free and free of added antibiotics and hormones. There’s also some veggies in a delectable pumpkin soup. This is one meal your cat won’t be too sexy for :-).

So the last question is whether Gerlinda will be put back in the barn when the weather improves. She has not been fixed, I guess spayed is a better word, so there is the obvious danger of her getting in a family way the first night she is out there. Stay tuned, no decisions have been made.

Here she is the Great Gerlinda Grey:

gerlinda on chair


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